In 2011, the SIGHT program was conceptualized and inaugurated in Kerala, India. Today, we have many reasons to celebrate the outstanding work accomplished by SIGHT volunteers. IEEE SIGHT Day 2023 will be held on Friday 28 April 2023, to foster a spirit of community for the global SIGHT network, increase awareness of IEEE SIGHT within IEEE, promote the opportunity to support SIGHT financially, and celebrate the impact SIGHT volunteers and groups are making.

Suggested Activities for SIGHT Groups: 

SIGHT Groups are encouraged or organize and host their own activities to celebrate SIGHT Day with their members, those from their Student Branch or Section, or other SIGHT Groups around the world. Need an idea for an activity? See the following list:

  • Workshop on lessons learned from a project
  • Webinar with invited guest speaker on the Group’s area of interest (should be related to humanitarian technology and sustainable development in the IEEE fields of interest in some way)
  • SIGHT webinar viewing
  • HTB webinar viewing
  • Complete a course from the HTB/SIGHT Humanitarian Technology and Sustainable Development curriculum on the IEEE Learning Network (ILN)
  • Introduction to IEEE HTB/SIGHT presentation for your Student Branch, Society Chapter, or Section – please write to to request the content
  • Virtual meetings or networking events with other SIGHT Groups in your area or Region to discuss experiences and best practices
  • SIGHT Group planning meeting – discuss 2023 activities, or continue implementing a project or activity already begun
  • Record your SIGHT Story video together (see below)
  • Present on your SIGHT Group’s work at a SIGHT Group Social for your Region (see below)


If you would like to share a message about your Group’s planned activity with the global SIGHT community, please send the information and any supporting image to with your request to have the event be shared on the IEEE SIGHT social media pages.

For SIGHT Groups planning their own events – feel free to use the event announcement templates! There are three different sizes and three different versions to provide you with a quick resource to promote your SIGHT Day events. You will need to download the files in order to customize them.

Note to SIGHT Groups: If you do host an event for SIGHT Day, please be sure to report it through IEEE’s vTools Events platform. This is a two step process – you will need to create the event first, and  report on its attendance afterwards. When you are creating an event in vTools, be sure to choose the “Humanitarian” category, and “SIGHT” sub-category. You should also list your SIGHT Group as the “host” for the event. Typing in the name or code of your SIGHT Group will allow you to select it.

Share Your SIGHT Story!

Calling all SIGHT members! If you would like to share the story of what you and your SIGHT Group have done recently, send a video to! Your story can inspire others to do something similar. All videos should be no longer than 2 minutes and in English (or with subtitles). Videos can be fun and creative, feature a picture slideshow, or interviews with your Group members. Those received will be shared on the IEEE SIGHT social media pages or the HTB/SIGHT channel on youtube, as appropriate.