R10 HTA in 2021

What we will do?

R10 HTA shall encourage and promote more IEEE members to participating in regional HT projects and bridge a regional representative channel for IEEE HAC. The work plans for R10 HTA 2021 are:

  • R10 HTA Highlights Video Contest: The R10 HTA Highlights Video Contest aims to encourage SIGHT members to showcase the good quality of their designed projects at the regional level and also to improve the SIGHT members’ project design and presentation skills to a wider online viewing community. The theme for our contest this year is for “Regional Representative Humanitarian Projects Showcase”. The contest also wants to provide a platform for experience sharing for the different areas within Region 10. Certificates will be provided for the top 3 winners.
  • R10 HTA Oriented Project Enabler (TENHOPE2021) Project Fund: TENHOPE2021 is an additional support funding for a humanitarian project in R10 that aims to inspire and enable IEEE R10 volunteers to carry out and support impactful humanitarian technology and sustainable development activities at the local level. The project aims at orienting talent minds towards identifying local community problems and developing technology solutions, focusing on actual implementation reaching the beneficiaries. It also provides the opportunity for IEEE members and participants in R10 to work and cooperate with NGOs and other organizations for the benefit of advancing technology towards the SDG in our region. Maximum USD2000 will be funded per project. The total Budget for this project is up to 15,000 USD.
  • Training Sections & Volunteers in HTA: The R10 HTA Webinar is scheduled in April, July, and October, aiming to share feature highlights, best practices, and experience sharing in Region IEEE members as well as SIGHT volunteers. The Training/Discussion will be made online and also could be scheduled in R10 Flagship Conferences upon request.
  • 2021 HAC Awards and Recognition: 2 categories of awards will be Call for Nominations: 1) R10 Outstanding HAC Section Award and 2) R10 Outstanding HAC Individual Award. R10 HTA will continue to recognize significant work and projects done by IEEE R10 Sections and individual members.

R10 HTA in 2020

What we have done?

  • Encourage R10 Sections and individuals to work in the area of Humanitarian Technology:1) Three HT projects were selected for funding via R10 TENHUMCH2020. Projects from Bangalore Section, Sendai Section, and Hyderabad Section are funded USD1000 for each for their Humanitarian project development. 2) Two projects were selected for funding via HAC Initiate Program Supporting Fund for the COVID-19 response. Programs from Vizag Bay Section and the Sarawak subsection are funded each for USD2000. 3) There are 72 SIGHT groups out of 169 was formed in R10, which was 43% among the global. And it was 31(42.5%) projects from R10 that were funded by IEEE region affiliation of HAC/SIGHT COVID Projects. IEEE Hyderabad Section, IEEE Madras Section & IEEE Sri Lanka on Section for securing the first round of #COVID-19 special project funding. It shows that R10 HAC has always played an important role in organizing and participating in HAC Global activities.
  • Enhance visibility of R10 HTA and give recognition to significant humanitarian work and projects done by R10 members: HTA Outstanding Volunteer Award 2020 was awarded to Dr. Bijoy Antony Jose from Kerala Section for his excellent contribution on promoting regional and local Humanitarian technologies activities in the year of 2020.
  • Active Communication with R10 members to promote Humanitarian Technology: The HTA tracks are designed and conducted during almost every R10 flagship conference, such as TENSYMP2020, SYWL2020, HTC2020. R10 HTA shall provide a wide range of communication platforms for all members who are interested and enabled for humanitarian technology activities.